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ROYO Limited Story

In the past of 2020, we were suffering from COVID-19 badly, the epidemic separated us to every corner of the world, but our heart keeping together to fight with COVID-19. What we keep working and moving is creating more value and new products for you.

ROYO never stop thinking what we have done for customers in the past, what we could do for customers now, and what we are going to serve customers.

In 1999, ROYO produced the first set of shower room. By 2020, ROYO has provided more than 4 million shower rooms to more than 30 countries around the world. ROYO is a stable and trustworthy bathroom supplier. In the past 21 years, ROYO has been studying the meaning of sanitary ware in people's minds, and constantly exploring the path of change in sanitary products. With the gradual growth of the company, ROYO also expects to provide customers with a richer purchasing experience and a more complete product system. To this end, the company reorganized its bathroom business in 2015, planned for shower room product innovation, and invested(part share hold) bathroom cabinets/LED mirror factory, and introduce new technical measures in customer service.

ROYO is always concerning about the innovation of shower room products. In 2017, it established a research and development center and gradually promoted the development and application of new styles and new technologies. In 2019, cooperated with the world-renowned brand company ADEO(Leroy Merlin) to coordinate the development and design of shower room products. The e-commercial series launched in 2020, redefines the dis-assembly and packaging of the shower room, which reduces the volume of products by 1/3, and has the characteristics of anti-fall, lighter and easier installation. It is widely respected and favored by e-commerce buyers once released. In the future, ROYO will release new technologies or new styles every year to show ROYO's excellent shower room design and production capabilities.

In order to improve the product system, ROYO invested in the bathroom cabinet factory/LED mirror factory in 2017 respectively.

The bathroom cabinet factory covers an area of more than 40,000 , with an available production area about 35,000and an annual output more than 200,000 sets of bathroom cabinets. Among them, the surface treatment technology has the advantage in curved shape design.

In order to verify the design and quality of bathroom cabinet products and LED mirror products, ROYO established a sub-brand GOODYOin 2018 and realized sales in the United States through Amazon. There are more than ten products on sale that have won the "Best Seller" New releasedand Amazon Choice. These results fully proved that our product design concept and quality control are excellent. At the same time, we have been recognized by GOBO (the world's top ten sanitary ware companies) and become the designated bathroom cabinet production base, and LED products have also gone to thousands of households along with the bathroom cabinets. Today, we formally introduce to you our bathroom cabinet and LED mirror products, and use past experience to prove to you that these products are excellent in design, reliable in quality, and easy to sell.

In 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, ROYO began to establish an online ecosystem. We have provided customers with live broadcast services, product VR services, and improved them. After that, you can see every corner of the ROYO factory through VR, and see every product designed by ROYO for you, and every point of your interest will be introduced to you by ROYO's professional personnel through live broadcast. . ROYO hopes that through modern technology, we can be close to each other and make products come to life.

ROYO keeps changing every moment. Just like what the beautiful meaning of Christmas, ROYO will become better, closer to you, and as eternal as a diamond, sincere, reliable and company.

ROYO, your best choice. ROYO shower room, your second room!





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