Product sourcing

Our team will provide all-round services to meet            your needs, including, but not limited to, 3D            installation videos, product VR displays, and                more. Additionally, we offer high-quality products        that meet international standards at an excellent    price, ensuring fast and reliable on-time delivery.

Product development

By adhering to the principles of scientific              technological leadership and trend-setting                    research development, we maintain a focus on              product upgrades and innovations. This allows                          us to stay ahead of the market and provide the                        range of products that meet your specific                  requirements.

Packaging Design

Our company takes great care in preserving                  your brand image and accurately representing                  it through creative packaging design. Based on              the characteristics of your brand, we create a                new design that encompasses elements such as              size and shape, labeling, color, appearance,      convenience, protection, and economy. This          approach ensures that the product reflects your        brand’s value proposition effectively.


Quality Control

We collaborate closely with inspection                            and quality control throughout the                      production process, packing procedures,                    and loading. Our products have                          successfully passed ISO9001 quality                        system certification, FSC certification,                        and other quality system certifications,                ensuring that we maintain high standards                      of quality and compliance.

Human Rights

ROYO prioritizes the physical and mental development of its employees, providing them with a platform to realize their self-worth and enabling them to freely express their views. Our departments cooperate with each other in their respective roles, fostering a harmonious and friendly office environment.


We have established a long-term relationship with reliable carriers, which allows us to offer you a variety of delivery options such as FOB, CIF, and more. You can be confident that your goods will be handled with the utmost care throughout the shipping process.

After Sales

Typically, our items come with a two-year warranty. In the event of any quality problems, we are happy to provide free replacements. These replacements can be delivered together with your next container or by international courier for your convenience.

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